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Atlanta Pain Management Centers Offer Treatment Plans for Slipped Disc

There are a multitude of reasons why your back is constantly hurting or bringing you discomfort. It could be your poor posture, or prolonged sitting or standing throughout the day. It could also be a traumatic injury that never healed properly; or you may have had a spinal surgery in the past and haven’t recovered optimally.

Herniated Disc

Then again, one of the most common culprit for the nagging back pain that many Americans are experiencing is the condition known as slipped disc or herniated disc. In this disorder, the cushions between each spinal vertebrae bulges or moves out of position, and irritates the nerves and the spinal cord, which trigger pain sensations in your back.

When the lumbar (or lower part of the) spine is affected, the pain experienced is typically described as electric shocks travelling from the lower back and legs. The sufferer may also feel tingling, numbness, or weakness. All these result from the herniated discs pinching your nerves.

Getting Diagnosed and Treated

If you have been experiencing similar symptoms, consulting Atlanta pain management experts would be a wise idea to get your condition properly assessed and diagnosed. The professionals will review your medical history, ask other pertinent questions about your symptoms, perform physical exams, and use imaging studies and other tests to get a comprehensive picture of your condition. Along with your preferences or any requirement in mind, they will use the findings to customize a treatment plan.

Depending on your condition, you may be prescribed either nonsurgical or surgical treatment options. Epidural steroid injections to reduce the inflammation could be recommended alongside rest, pain medications, and physical therapy. If these management practices have not been effective in the past, or turn out to be ineffective later on, more invasive procedures like microdiscectomy may be recommended. Microdiscectomy, microdecompression spine surgery, removes the herniation and fragments that irritate the nerves.

Experienced doctors in reputable pain clinics in Atlanta like Atlanta Spine and Anesthesia will walk you through the entire diagnosis and treatment process. Your doctor/s will tell you what to expect from the tests, prescribed medications, surgery, and other facets of the treatment plan. They will also consider your preferred treatment levels (conservative or aggressive), make sure you understand the implications of your choices, and strive to provide you long-lasting positive results.

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